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Floral Pocket Cards
10 verse cards

These charming little pocket cards are about the size of a business card and are perfect for bookmarks or to use as a little gift to encourage a friend. They each have a verse on the front and are almost 2 inches by 3 inches. They are a single layer card.

The Cards are as follows:
a - Tulip - Nehemiah 8:10
b - Lady slipper sketch - Psalms 8:9
c - Pink columbine - John 14:27
d - Butterfly - Psalms 118:24
e - Clematis- John 13:35

Details for Scripture Pocket Cards
Name: Floral Pocket Cards
Number: 10 Cards
Card size: Approximately 2"x 3"
Scripture: KJV
Artist/Designer: Hannah

Scripture Pocket Cards are ideal for:
  • Bookmarks
  • Little gifts
  • Posting on your mirror
  • Including in letters
  • and much much more!

Floral Pocket Cards - 10 cards