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To Walk with God
8 Christian Birthday Cards (2 of each)

These are excellent cards to give to the men in your life who are seeking to walk with God. Each card contains a word of praise and encouragement to strengthen them in their journey.

a: Indian Cucumber Root
Inside Text:
Your life is an encouragement to me as I observe how you rejoice in the Lord's testimonies and faithfulness. My prayer is that His truth and promises will become your daily heritage. Have a Wonderful Birthday

b: Pine Cones
Inside Text:
You refresh my heart in the Lord and encourage me with your desire to know Him more fully. May it be His praises which fill your heart with joy and His statutes which cause you to rejoice. Happy Birthday

c: Cinnamon Fern
Inside Text:
What a delight it is to be part of your life, to watch you grow in the knowledge of God. May His Word come alive to you in a fresh and living way, may its truths become to you as great treasure. Have a Wonderful Birthday!

d: Rattlesnake Plantain
Inside Text:
Your never ceasing desire to know God's will and to walk in His way is an encouragement for me to seek His face more earnestly. May He direct your feet down the path of His commandments and cause you to delight more deeply in His Word. Happy Birthday!

Details for: Men's Christian Birthday Cards
Number: 8 cards with envelopes
Card size: 4-1/4" by 5-1/2"
Inside: text listed above
Scripture: KJV
Designed by: Hannah Stover

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To Walk With God- 8 Birthday Cards