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Hi, I'm Hannah Stover and as the founder of Scripture Designs my desire is to use art to bring God's presence very near to your heart. Whether it be in the peaceful beauty of a landscape, the marvelous wonder of a bumble bee, or the poignant truth of a verse, I want to breathe into you the love God feels for you and the fact that He is here in our midst. For me painting is very relaxing and allows me to use my creative side, tapping into the artistic energy that I don't get to use when I'm writing, bookkeeping or just running the business. Each of the artists that work with me have a profound love for God which touches their art. I am very pleased to introduce to you this growing group of artists who I am happy to call my friends and whose works have blessed many.

Julia Stover is a talented photographer and artist who focuses her work on the beauty of God's creation. Her attention to detail and creative use of lighting results in a delightful style. Her painting focuses on bold colors and simple techniques that create a refreshingly bright look. She is a writer by trade who loves the art of crafting words. As one of our card writers her skills are put to good use as she helps weave together cards with a message. In her spare time you will find her reading, sewing or teaching children how to use a camera.

Faith Satterfield is an illustrator and artist who trained in the UK. She specializes in bringing ideas to life using a wide range of mediums and styles. She is the go to artist in her area for large wall murals, full room paintings, and art classes! As a devoted Christian she enjoys creating art that points people to the Savior – you will find multiple of her free-spirited and happy designs in our collection. She lives in Southeastern Connecticut with her husband and two small daughters.

Katherine Lachapelle specializes in detailed nature paintings of birds, flowers and landscapes. Her art allows her to relax and express her faith and joy in Christ. She and her husband own an apple orchard in Rhode Island where they specialize in fresh pressed cider, apple doughnuts, and of course pick-your-own apples! She enjoys animals and has many around the farm including Bell (the horse), Ginger and Joey (the cats), Ducky (the duck), Birdy (the talking English Starling), Pepper (the dog) and many chickens. In her free time she enjoys working with her honey bees and visiting friends.

Sarah Stover loves to sketch and paint. She is particularly energized with the vivid use of color: blending, shading and mixing of hues. She is a CPA and enjoys both working in and teaching accounting. She is particularly keen to work with small business owners and helps many with their finances. She also enjoys working with international students and recent immigrants, helping them adjust to life in the states. In her spare time you will find her working in her flower garden or traveling the world meeting new people.

Zechariah Stover is a nature photographer who likes to use light and shadows, sunset, sunrise, and early morning mist to add character and depth to his pictures. He is a computer programmer but prefers to spend his time outside working hands on projects. He is very active in his community and volunteers with numerous groups, helping them organize and run fun events for the whole family.

Jeremiah Stover is a self-taught artist who specializes in graphite sketching. While his best works have been portraits he has also done several nature sketches for us. Jeremiah is a senior programming engineer and system admin. Through the years he has worked for several fortune 500 companies and also runs his own custom programming firm where he helps small businesses automate repetitive tasks. From the very start of he has taken on the challenge of creating our website with all is functionality including our computer generated autoMat for viewing our print collection.

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