Scripture Cards for Every Occasion!

Well, not quite, but soon there will be!

Note Cards


These Christian Note Cards consist of gray scale drawings that we have produced using either a graphite or charcoal medium. We then mate the art with a Bible verse and print the cards on parchment colored cardstock.


Our Inspirational Note Cards consist of photographs that are staged and produced special by our photographers. The finished art is then mated with the chosen Scripture passages and printed on glossy, photographic cardstock.

Christian Greeting Cards

Let's face it, it takes TIME to write our own words and sometimes we just don't have that time available.

So, for all those family
like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby showers, etc. where you really want to say something special but just don't have time to write - use our cards; they already have the words.


The character quality of gratitude is the theme around which these articles are built. Combined with step by step e-courses (coming soon) they assist us in the cultivation and implementation of gratitude in our day to day life.

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The year comes and goes and everyone is that much older. Don't pass up these wonderful opportunities to encourage those you love in their walk with the Lord.

Did You Know?

Many of our card designs come in matching Bible Verse Prints!

Come Meet the Artists!

Every product we offer is a piece of art - drawn, painted or photographed by one of our art team!
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But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called "Today", Hebrews 3:13