Scripture Designs is joyfully dedicated to our wonderful Dad and Mom. Thank you for consistently making the sacrifices necessary to not only have a large family but to be family. Thank you for Home Schooling us, for teaching us to work hard and for consistently moving forward and breaking new ground no matter how hard or how unfamiliar the way was. Most of all, thank you for teaching us to love the Lord Jesus Christ.
We love you.

About the Scripture Designs Team

You may be wondering who owns and runs Scripture Designs, where they live and what they're like. My hope is that this article will help to answer your questions and enable you to get to know us a little bit better.

We are a small, family run business located in rural Connecticut. In order for you to meet our business team you must, of necessity, meet our family, the Stover family, because the two are inseparable. As a Christian, Home School family, our parents chose a quiet, simple lifestyle, enabling us to become what family should be, each others best friends. There is no one on this earth that I would rather talk to, work with or spend time with than my family. We admire each other and encourage one another on to greater levels of success. Though we each have our own areas of expertise we endeavor to do everything together! Scripture Designs is simply an extension of our togetherness.

Three of the young people in our family, Jeremiah, Hannah and Sarah, worked together to spearhead the launch of Scripture Designs early in 2007. Before long others of the family began showing a genuine interest in what we were doing. Today the three of us, along with our parents and six other siblings, participate together in the various aspects of running the business.

The Lead Team

Jeremiah - The original ideas for Scripture Designs started many years ago when Jeremiah first designed several Scripture prints for our home. Friends who saw them loved his work and would ask us for copies. In more recent years Jeremiah's expertise as a computer programmer and developer has left him little time for the pleasures of art. Though his own business claims much of his time he willingly took on the challenge of building the Scripture Designs website with its numerous programming needs. Drawing from a huge pool of knowledge and experience he has, time and again, turned my wishful thinking about website design and usability into immediate reality. All technology, computer and program related questions stop here. He provides us with invaluable advice on the principles of design, aiding us in the creation of new products. As an artist his specialty is graphite sketching.


Hannah - As the main manager and organizer of business affairs at home and abroad; I have a full set of responsibilities. Much of the final decision making eventually stops at my desk. My wonderful board of advisers keep me informed and up to date on the many facets involved in each decision. I currently keep the business records and do the State and Federal paperwork. I also locate suppliers and stock inventory, which is an ongoing process that has its own challenges. Designing the website's look and layout is a fun job that constantly needs revision. I also find time to do much of the writing for the site and have been able, by using the systems Jeremiah set up, to oversee the addition of new content to the site including the insertion of new product pages, articles and links. As far as the art is concerned I greatly enjoy sketching, painting and photography and am able to find time amongst my other responsibilities to frequently add new design pieces to our inventory.


Sarah - As my right hand assistant, Sarah has many diverse responsibilities that call for her attention. With her endless love for art, in all its forms, she is a willing member of the design team, often flexing her schedule to meet the demands of fast approaching deadlines. Her skill in writing has made her a valuable asset in both the composing of articles and the proof reading of other website documents. Recent training is now allowing Sarah to take over much of the web readying aspects of the various documents which frees me up for other responsibilities.


The Support Team

Dad - Thank you for your willing support in this endeavor. Your counsel is much appreciated as is your engineering and mechanical assistance in the packaging and shipping area.

Mom - Thank you for your support and encouragement. Your assistance in honing the usability and functionality of the website is priceless, as is your extensive proof reading and critiquing of our design work and articles. I value your counsel and am particularly grateful for your assistance in the paperwork aspects of the business. Thank you for reminding me to slow down, relax and enjoy the family!

Nathanael and Zechariah - I love to hear your opinions on the different matters that concern the business; you help me look at situations from a different view point. Thank you for being willing to participate in Scripture Designs, for taking the time to listen, counsel and advise on technical, legal and business etiquette issues. I value your recommendations and appreciate your assistance. Your creativity is an asset to the business. I look forward to offering your designs to our customers in the near future.

Julia, Joanna, Ammi and Caleb - thank you for testing the website and reading the articles. Your help in the photography studios is invaluable; we couldn't do without you. I am so grateful for your willing assistance in the shipping room on busy days. Most of all, thank you for reminding me to take time to be family. I enjoy being with you and cherish the moments we spend together.

Aunt Lynne - special thanks go to you for your willingness to critique and advise us on our design work. Your skill and experience from working so long in the design industry is an asset to Scripture Designs. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.

To learn more about us you can visit our family website.

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