About Our Products

Dear Customers:

We have worked long and hard coming up with a product line that we know is good and upon which we are glad to put our name. With both of our parents being perfectionists it is not surprising that we have inherited a great affinity for a job well done. As purchaser and product inspector I make sure that each item measures up to our requirements in workmanship and accept only those products and materials which meet our high expectations. The products we ship to you come with our stamp of approval.

PAPER GOODS - All the paper and cover stock that we use in producing our products are made in the USA; they are Acid free and most of them are made using 30% recycled paper. All our cards come with matching envelopes and are printed on a nice card weight cover stock. We use a high quality pigment based business ink when printing our own products.

FRAMES - All our Frames are made right here in the USA using hard woods. We are pleased to have found such nice, all wood frames. The true grain of the wood shows through the finish so what you see is what you get! And yes, our Barn Board Frames are made from true barn boards so every one is unique! These are beautiful, quality frames.

The frames we offer come with glass. Our 5x7 and 8x10 frames have very nice easel backs, while our 11x14 frames come with metal hangers.

MATS - Our mats are made with white core, Crescent Mat Board and are cut here in the USA. They are of an excellent quality in workmanship with smooth cuts and clean v-grooves. We have worked diligently with our supplier and are pleased to now offer multiple, creative mat options.

We are very happy with our product lines and are confident that you too will be pleased with the items you order.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

In His Service,

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might;" Ecclesiastes 9:10

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