About Our Artists

There's always more than one way to look at an individual so although you have met us at various places around the website you will, no doubt, find this little summery about the artists very interesting. It traces, though ever so briefly, the cultivation and development of the artistic aspects of our lives - up to this point - for you know we never do stop learning! So read and enjoy!

About the Artist: Jeremiah Stover. Growing up with the Connecticut countryside as his backyard, Jeremiah always had an eye for the beauty of creation around him. Whether it was the formation of ice crystals in a marshy bit of woods or the intricate veins on a leaf, he always found time to see the Creator's hand in the things around him. His interest in art became evident at an early age when simple coloring pictures became works of art as he experimented with shading and color blending. In school he was quick to pursue any art training that was available. Success came as a young adult after taking a charcoal drawing course which he followed up with training in graphite sketching. This eventually led him to produce portraits of his younger siblings. There was also his photography, which in a way seemed to flow in his veins, compelling him to hone his skills to ever higher levels. The study of Design theory soon led him to make Scripture Prints for family and friends; Scripture Designs was the natural outworking of these pursuits, blending his artwork with his love for the Lord as he made available cards and prints to encourage and bless all who received them.

About the Artist: Hannah Stover. Growing up in the hills of Connecticut cultivated in Hannah an early and deep appreciation for all of God's creation, but especially for the wildflowers she enjoyed bringing home to identify. While quite young she developed an interest in art, first in handwork like embroidery and later in the more refined skills of sketching and painting. Here her knowledge of wildflowers became invaluable as, with pencil and pad, she produced detailed reproductions of the flowers she so enjoyed. Soon she also began exploring the possibilities of photography and would spend hours following butterflies around the gardens, or walking the neighboring brooks after a Spring downpour in search of tumbling waterfalls. Not content to merely be creating art, she began to seek for a way to share her skill and creation's beauty with others. This desire sparked the beginning of Scripture Designs which now features her art in both card and Scripture print forms. Each new design incorporates portions of Scripture, thus testifying to her love, not only for the beauty of creation but also for the God Who created it.

About the Artist: Sarah Stover grew up in the Connecticut countryside, enjoying the wild flora and fauna which surrounded her home. From an early age flowers held a very special place in Sarah's heart, which was evidenced by the many flower arrangements she made for the family. This love of beauty was fanned like a tiny spark in her young heart and over the years grew into a blazing desire for more and more complex forms of design with color combinations. Overflowing into numerous other areas of her life, this artistic flare began to manifest itself in all her handwork interests, including knitting, quilting and embroidery. The flower gardens also received her attention as she sought to incorporate into them pleasing design elements. It wasn't long before she took up pencil sketching and decorative painting, which at first were just for her own pleasure. However, she soon found a broader outlet when she joined her siblings in starting a small business producing Scripture cards and prints. Photography was another step in Sarah's artistry and she reveled in the challenge of designing still-life shots for her new card projects. Through this avenue she was able to express, not only her passion for art and color, but also her love for the Lord, incorporating Scripture into her designs.

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